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Transportation for runners will be organized from Drniš, Šibenik and Skradin. A bus from Drniš will depart at 7 am on Saturday, 14th April 2018, and from Šibenik and Skradin at 6:45. The buses will drive runners directly to the race start. All runners will get more detailed information on their e-mail adresses until 9th April 2018. We kindly ask everyone who plans to use the above mentioned transportation to inform us in advance!

Runners who plan to come to the race by their own car should come directly to the finish area – Burnum Amphitheatre. The parking lot is marked on the picture above with “X” sign. Buses will take runners from the finish area to the start of the race. The buses will depart regularly from 7:30 to 9 am – blue arrow on the picture above marks the place of the bus departure. The last bus will depart at 9 am, so we kindly ask you to bear that in mind. Also, it will not be possible to approach the start area by car!

Once you get to the start area, you should pick up your race packages in Puljane Eco Campus. To avoid crowd and nervousness, please come as early as possible, or, even better, try to pick up the race packages the day before in Skradin (from 10 am to 8 pm).

Before the race the buses will be parked close to the start line and runners will have the possibility to leave their personal belongings in buses marked with numbers (1 – 150, 151 – 300 etc.). Every runner will get a bagtag in the start package (number will be equal to the race bib) and according to that number you will find the bus in which you can leave your stuff. Buses will depart at 9:45 from the start area and will wait for you at the finish line.

Our volunteers will take care of bus departures and distribution of your personal belongings after the race. Departure from Burnum is planned for 2 pm. Food and drink will be available in the start area, as well as after the race. And, last but not least, fuel stations will be situated along the race course.