Great atmosphere on 1st Krka Half Marathon!

By robert 0

Long have we prepared and waited for the 1st edition of Krka Half Marathon, which took place on 14th April in Krka National Park…The morning of the race day was fresh and cloudless, but it was obvious that it was going to be a hot day. Nevertheless, beautiful scenery surrounding Krka river made us think more about the excitement of racing and less about the heat…

The runners gathered around the Burnum Amphitheatre and were transported to the start area in Puljane Eco Campus. There were 209 runners at the start of the Fun Run race (5,5 km) and 409 runners in the half marathon race. The half marathon race started at 10 am and the shorter race started 10 minutes afterwards. The route of the Fun Run race took runners directly from the start to the canyon of Krka, and than to the finish, whereas half marathoners made one big lap through pitoresque villages and fields full of various flowers before reaching the canyon. In the villages runners were warmly greeted by the local people. After running 17 more or less flat kilometers, runners descended down the Krka canyon. After the descent followed ascent, which was the toughest part of the race. We hope that everyone preserved enough energy for this demanding kilometer…:)

The ascent was followed by two flat kilometers to the finish line in Burnum Amphitheatre. The finish in the old Roman amphitheatre was really spectacular and we believe that all runners will treasure this memory for a long time…

In the finish area runners were offered refreshment and lunch. They could also enjoy presentation of Roman culture and customs.

Special congratulations go to runners who crossed the finish line in the fastest time. They had to fight the fellow contenders, as well as heat and demanding course profile. The winner of the Fun Run race was Jure Božinović. His result was 20 minutes and 46 seconds. The second to cross the finish line was Damir Matotek (21:35), while the third place went to Krešo Barić (22:10). Among the women on the short race the fastest was Ivona Zemunik (22:46), followed by Helena Gleđa (25:46) and Bruna Franjković (28:45). The winner of the 1st Krka Half Marathon was Hungarian runner Tamas Nagy. He conquered the 21-kilometer course in 1 hour 14 minutes and 9 seconds. Second was Croatian runner Zoran Žilić (1:15:56). Krešimir Balaško, also from Croatia, took the third place in 1:18:08. In the women’s race the fastest runner was Lucia Kimani from Bosnia (1:20:58), followed by Croatians Nikolina Šustić (1:21:30) and Marija Vrajić (1:25:56). First three runners in both men’s and women’s race are all experienced and successful marathoners and we are very pleased that 1st edition of Krka Half Marathon attracted such strong competitors!

All results are available here.

Congratulations to everyone and see you again next year!